Ruby Zoisite Mini Generator

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Ruby Zoisite Mini Generator

Ruby zoisite, also known as anyolite, is a stunning gemstone that combines the vibrant red of ruby with the earthy green of zoisite. It is primarily found in Tanzania, specifically in the Merelani Hills near Mount Kilimanjaro, where deposits of both ruby and zoisite occur together.

The appearance of ruby zoisite is characterized by its striking contrast of colors. The ruby typically appears as opaque to translucent red crystals or clusters embedded within a matrix of green zoisite. The zoisite component can vary in shade from light green to dark green, often exhibiting mottled or banded patterns.

The gemstone is commonly cut into cabochons or polished into beads for jewelry, allowing the vibrant colors and unique patterns to be showcased. Ruby zoisite is also used for ornamental carvings and decorative objects due to its eye-catching appearance.

In terms of metaphysical properties, ruby zoisite is believed to combine the energies of both ruby and zoisite. Ruby is associated with passion, vitality, and courage, while zoisite is associated with growth, vitality, and healing. As a result, ruby zoisite is often considered a stone of transformation, promoting emotional balance, spiritual growth, and positive life changes. It is said to enhance creativity, encourage joy and enthusiasm, and provide protection against negative energies.

This item measures 1.5" high. 

Chakra: Root, Heart, Third Eye
Zodiac: Gemini, Scorpio, Leo, Sagittarius, Cancer
Vibration: 3
Mohs Scale: 6.5-7

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