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Sage & Dragon's Blood Resin Bundle

This smudge stick is crafted from 100% natural aromatic botanicals, cultivated and produced in the USA through sustainable wildcrafting methods. Rooted in a long-standing tradition among Native Americans, the practice of smudging involves using these herbs for cleansing, protection, and healing purposes. Each herb within the smudge stick is believed to possess beneficial properties, facilitating a reconnection with the potent energies of Mother Earth. This sacred ritual is honored for its ability to purify spaces and individuals, fostering a sense of harmony and balance.


Smudging with sage and dragon's blood resin is believed to offer various benefits, both physically and energetically, according to traditional practices and some alternative healing beliefs. Here's a breakdown of the potential benefits associated with each:


1. **Cleansing Negative Energy:** Sage smudging is primarily known for its ability to cleanse spaces, objects, and individuals of negative energy. The smoke from burning sage is believed to attach to and neutralize harmful energies, purifying the environment and promoting a sense of peace and balance.

2. **Purifying Air:** Some studies suggest that burning sage can help purify the air by reducing airborne bacteria. This practice, known as "smoke clearing," has been used historically in various cultures to combat illness and promote physical well-being.

3. **Enhancing Mental Clarity:** Smudging with sage is thought to clear the mind of negative thoughts and promote mental clarity and focus. Many people use sage smudging as a ritual before meditation or spiritual practices to create a conducive atmosphere for inner reflection.

4. **Promoting Relaxation:** The aroma of burning sage is often described as soothing and calming, making it a popular choice for relaxation rituals. The act of smudging itself can be a mindful practice that helps reduce stress and anxiety.

**Dragon's Blood:**

1. **Protection:** Dragon's blood resin is believed to possess protective properties, both energetically and physically. Burning dragon's blood is thought to create a barrier against negative influences and psychic attacks, shielding individuals and spaces from harm.

2. **Stimulating Energy:** In some spiritual traditions, dragon's blood resin is associated with vitality and strength. Burning it is believed to invigorate the energy of a space or person, promoting courage, confidence, and resilience.

3. **Spiritual Cleansing:** Similar to sage, dragon's blood is used for spiritual purification and cleansing. It is believed to dispel negative energies and entities, leaving behind a purified and harmonious environment conducive to spiritual growth and healing.

4. **Enhancing Rituals:** Dragon's blood resin is often used in combination with other herbs and resins to enhance the potency of rituals and spells. Its strong, earthy aroma is thought to amplify the intentions of the practitioner, making it a valuable tool in ceremonial magic and spiritual practices.

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