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Seraphinite acquired its name due to its resemblance to feathers, it is named after the biblical Seraphim Angels, the highest order of Angels who assist the Creator.  Seraphinite stinkingly resembles feathers that are captured in iridescent silver and suggests the movement of flight within a crystal of deep forest green. Seraphinite was discovered in 1818, in a limited area in Siberia, Russia. 

Seraphinite carries powerful vibrations that cleanses the aura, strengthens, activates and balances all of the Chakras.  This gemstone promotes living from the heart, filling the body with life-force energy. Seraphinite assists in releasing old patterns of disease or allowing imbalances to fall away, thus creating space for new patterns of well-being to form. Its strong spiritual vibrations will help you attain enlightenment and self-healing. It is a very good meditation crystal, and it will help your spirit grow in the most beautiful way imaginable. Seraphinite opens the channels of communication with the Devic (Nature Spirits) and the Angelic Realms. 

Chakra: All, Crown, Soul Star
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Vibrational Number: 5
Mohs Scale: 2-2.5

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