The Numerology Bible



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The Numerology Bible

Teresa Moorey

Most people have a lucky number. Numerology goes beyond that, giving people an easy way to use personal numbers to enhance their potential and even predict the future.

The Numerology Bible is a comprehensive guide that shows how to discover those numbers and use them to unveil hidden personality traits, find success at work, choose a romantic partner, and much more. It shows how to select auspicious dates for future events and to give numerology readings for the years ahead.

The book is organized in five sections:

  • The Numbers -- Describes the numbers 1 to 9 and the "master" numbers 11 and 22, introduces the formulas and how to use them.
  • Relationships -- Explains how the numbers relate to each other in love, in relationships at work and in friendships.
  • Personal Cycles -- Shows how to use numerology to divine what each year has in store.
  • Numbers in Your Life -- Reviews the numbers that feature in life, such as car numbers, house numbers, and phone numbers.
  • Lifestyle -- Explores how numerology relates to the rhythms of life over time, such as holidays, personal style, home life, career, finances and health.

The art of numerology has its origins in many religions and societies. However, The Numerology Bible focuses not on history or religious interpretation. Rather, it is a fascinating, practical guide that will be of interest to the many people looking for guidance as they navigate modern life.

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