The TAO made easy


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The TAO made easy

Alan Cohen

Timeless Wisdom to Navigate a Changing World

The classic Tao Te Ching is the best-selling book in all history, with the exception of the Bible. But its interpretation remain a mystery to many of us, living as we do in a far more complicated and fast-paced world than the world in which Chinese sage Lao Tse penned his 81 stanzas 2,500 years ago. In The Tao Made Easy, Alan Cohen takes the lofty and enigmatic concepts of the Tao and brings them down to earth in modern language with lots of practical examples readers can apply to their daily lives to get real and lasting results.

Alan's take on the Tao sets itself apart from other interpretations in two key ways. First, he presents the teachings according to the major themes of the Tao rather than marching through the verses one by one and explaining them as most interpretive texts do. Second, he has found an original and engaging way to bring the lessons around each theme to life, using short dramatic vignettes in which he poses as a student of Lao Tse and interacts with the sage directly and intimately as he wendshis way through the challenges and triumphs of his own spiritual journey.

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