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Top Polished Lemon Serpentine Generator

Generators are powerful tools that pull energies from their surroundings and from the Earth and send it out to the Universe (The Source). They also pull high vibrating energies from the Source back to the Earth, and fill the space they occupy with this beautiful energy. A high vibrating space is one in which you feel peace, joy, secure and at ease. Low vibrating energies are made up of anger, grief and fear. Low vibrating energies cannot simultaneously exist with high vibrating energies, the higher energies will transmute the lower ones. Our homes and offices get filled with the emotions released by us. These emotions, if not released, can create a low vibrating, even toxic environment. 

Lemon Serpentine is found in many countries throughout the world, including Canada. Serpentine is a silicate mineral that is composed of tiny sheets of silica tetrahedrons that are loosely held together. Serpentine is a translucent to opaque gemstone that is usually found in various shades of yellow to light green with striations of white or grey colours. There are different varieties of Serpentine, including, Infinite Serpentine, Stripped (Chrysolite) Serpentine and Lizardite. Another form of Serpentine is known as Atlantisite, it is yellow green to green with purple Stichtite inclusions that is found in Australia and Russia. Serpentine’s weak bonds give it a greasy or slippery feel of a snake skin (serpent) and when warmed in the hand, Lemon Serpentine smell of Lemons. 

Scientist don’t fully understand how Lemon Serpentine, which forms deep in the Earth’s crust, makes its way to the surface. But, Serpentine is buoyant and can makes its way to the top by floating in water and it may get dragged through the crevices. Serpentine is often mistaken for Jade, due to it’s different shades of light to dark green and its texture.

Metaphysically, Lemon Serpentine protects the Aura and assists in grounding the energy field to the Earth, increasing energy levels. Serpentine clears the blockages of the Hara Line and assist in expanding its ability to hold energy. When holding Serpentine, you may feel a strong sense of downward pull of energy that may be a bit uncomfortable. 

Lemon Serpentine assists in letting go of negative thoughts and keeps your mind focused on positive thoughts. It is beneficial in clearing of emotional baggage and imbalances. Assists in speaking out about past issues, in order to release them. Beneficial in peaceful conflict solving. 

Lemon Serpentine assists in opening the Heart Chakra, and finding inner peace. This is a prosperity gemstone and is a good fortune (lucky) gemstone.

In meditation, ​Serpentine will keep you grounded, open your Chakras (especially the Crown) and assist you in reaching higher depths of consciousness. Beneficial in Shamanic journey work, it opens your psychic abilities and assists in past lives recall. Serpentine strengthens communication with animals, plants and the Earth.

Chakra: All
Zodiac: Gemini
Vibrational Number: 8
Mohs Scale: 3-6

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