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Vivianite is a hydrated iron phosphate that belongs to the vivianite group of minerals. Vivianite has vibrant colours such as blue, green and colourless with a vitreous lustre. Many clusters are found inside of fossil, clam or snail shells or attached to fossil animal bone. Vivianite is transparent to translucent and occurs as radiating clusters of prismatic, acicular (needle shape), or fibrous crystals, also earthy and encrusting masses. It is found most often in Bolivia but can also be found in the USA, Russia, Ukraine and England.

Vivianite is a truly beautiful stone but it shouldn't be kept on permanent display, particularly in direct sunlight as it will darken to almost black. This phenomena is due to the oxidation of the iron content in the stone. Use Vivianite for healing or empowerment and then place it in a dark place or wrapped in dark silk to maintain its colour. 

Vivianite reduces the pain associated with the healing of wounds and physical trauma to the body. Vivianite inhibits memory loss due to accident or trauma, stops senile dementia. This stone will improve your physical balance and mobility. It will balance the melanin production in your body to reduce skin discolouration, age spots and early stage skin cancers.

Vivianite is a stone of peace, love, compassion, caring and spiritual illumination. Wearing this stone is transformative for those of you who feel ill at ease in your own body. It is an excellent stone to overcome your nerves and anxiety regarding other peoples opinions of you as a person. This stone encourages you to continue to live a fulfilling and happy life regardless of the ageing process. 

Vivianite will enhance your visualisation and meditation practices. It has been known to be able to connect you with ancient worlds while meditating. This stone will assist you in achieving inner silence during meditation. (Source: Healing with Crystals)

Chakra: Heart
Zodiac: Capricorn
Vibrational Number: 3
Mohs Scale: 1.5-2

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